Hellenurme Mill Museum

Hellenurme Palupera vald Valgamaa 
GPS 58°8'12"N, 26°23'15"E 
Tel: +372 520 5142, +372 767 9809 

Hellenurme Mill Museum

Hellenurme, Palupera municipality, Valga County

GPS coordinates: 58°8’12″N, 26°23’15″E

Telephone: +372 767 9809

Mobile: +372 52 05 142

This mill, which was constructed in 1880, is the last remaining water-powered meal and flour mill in Estonia. Today it operates as a museum, with the water set to flow ahead of the arrival of visiting groups. The miller and his lady will explain how it works over its four floors, while in the museum you will see everyday items from the manor period to the Soviet era – and freshly baked bread on the table!

• Mill excursions

• Room hire

• Workshops

• Excursions in the local area

• Sales of mill souvenirs

Open all year round (unless colder than –22°C). Advance bookings are required.

Distance from Elva Hiking Centre: 10 km