Kimar transport

Valga mnt 4a, Rõngu alevik, Rõngu vald Tartumaa
GPS: 58°12'22"N, 26°25'24"E 
Tel: +372 505 1610, +372 735 3777

Kimar Transport

4a Valga Highway, Rõngu, Rõngu municipality, Tartu County

GPS coordinates: 58°12’22″N, 26°25’24″E

Telephone: +372 735 3777

Mobile: +372 50 51 610

Kimar Transport is primarily a passenger transport company (nationally and internationally) but also provides goods transport using a small truck (1.5 T). It also provides repair services and carries out tyre work on cars, buses and small trucks.

• National passenger transport

• International passenger transport

• Other transport services

• Repair services and tyre work (including buses and small trucks)

Bookings can be made all year round from 9:00-18:00 Monday-Friday.

Distance from Elva Hiking Centre: ca 15 km