Elva recreational region

Dear visitor,

The recreational region of Elva is home to stunning natural landscapes, unbeatable sporting opportunities and very welcoming locals!

We have marked hiking trails and programmes

We have the only operating water mill in Estonia

We have the finishing line of the Tartu skiing marathon

We have the warm waters of Lake Verevi and its sandy beach

We have the biggest caravan park in southern Estonia

We have sailing trips on Lake Võrtsjärv

We have the only fresh water fish display in Estonia

We have the biggest sports and shooting complex in the country

We have a gateway to the stars at Tõravere

We have the only mould cheese producer in Estonia

We have Estonia’s national hip-hop festival

All this and more await you in the Elva recreational region! The region is made up of more than 25 partners operating in the field of tourism – all of which you’ll find information about on the following pages.

For more details, contact the Elva Hiking Centre on +372 733 0132, e-mail or check out the website

See you soon!

Your partners in the Elva recreational region