Breti cheeses taste sensations

Aia 1 Luke küla Nõo vald Tartumaa
GPS: 58°14'19"N, 26°32'37"E 
Tel: +372 5668 8878,,

Breti cheeses

1 Aia Street, Luke village, Nõo municipality, Tartu County

GPS coordinates: 58°14’19″N, 26°32’37″E

Mobile: +372 5668 8878,,

This dairy has been operating since 2004. It produces a range of delicatessen cheeses and is involved in product development and training. It is the only producer of mould cheeses in Estonia.

• Cheese production training and tasting events

• Limousine hire and trips

Open all year round. Advance bookings required.

Distance from Elva Hiking Centre: 10.5 km