Waide Motel

Aadress: Käo küla, Rõngu vald, Tartumaa
Telefon: +372 730 3606
Skype: waide.motell
GPS: 58°13′10′ N,  26°22′15′ E
Kaugus Elvast: 3 km

Waide Motel

Käo village, Rõngu municipality, Tartu County

GPS coordinates: 58°13′ 21″N, 26°22′ 14″E

Telephone: +372 730 3606

Waide Motel is like a little village all of its own, with a number of small buildings surrounded by greenery. It has 26 rooms with 58 beds.

It is the perfect base to explore the Elva recreational region.

• Meals

• Sauna

• Camping

• Caravan area

• Seminar facilities

Open 24 hours a day.

Meals available from 8:00-17:00 Monday-Friday.

Distance from Elva Hiking Centre: 3 km

 Partnership with : Museum cafe KATARINA