Work with a whistle!

Sometimes all it takes to break free from the every-day grind of your work environment is a more colourful seminar and add some fun activities.

We offer an opportunity for a two-day seminar in the Elva recreational region.


Day 1

We start with a seminar at the Võrtsjärv Visitor Centre. The approximately 4-5 hour seminar is made more enjoyable and more successful by a coffee break. When all the work is done for the day, the team can find the old-fashioned sail boat Paula and its two-member crew at the limnology centre. During the 90-minute cruise, one can listen to and ask questions about Lake Võrtsjärv. Savoury eel soup is served to make sure the team does not lose its spirits. The soup is, of course, accompanied by bread and water.

Next stop from here is Waide Motel, where the team members will find their rooms. As is customary in Estonia, in the evening one can enjoy dinner as well as a relaxing sauna.


Day II

After breakfast, the seminar continues at the Waide Motel. There is a coffee break and work talks are finished at a common lunch. In order to improve cooperation as well as the mood, the team is then taken to an afternoon photo hunt along the Vapramäe trails. In addition to good mood, one is able to take away a large number of photos that will help to remind one of the colourful and relaxing days for a long time.

Price: EUR 69.20 per person

Included: Use of Võrtsjärv Visitor Centre rooms for half a day, Jõesuu watchtower, coffee break, sailing with an old-fashioned sail boat in two parts for two hours, eel soup, accommodation at Waide Motel, dinner, sauna, breakfast, use of Waide Motel rooms for half a day, lunch, and a photo hunt along with the viewing of the photos.

Group size: 24 people

Time: according to booking.

Starting point: Võrtsjärv Visitor Centre


Additional services: Possibility to order a bus, guide service in the area, visit sights in the Elva recreational region, shoot a rifle, shoot a bow, disc golf and many other activities at the Tartu County Recreational Sports Centre and Vapramäe-Vellavere-Vitipalu hiking trails, with guides or independently.

*Services and group size can be varied. Any variances may change the price. Ask for an offer!

Information and orders:

Võrtsjärv Visitor Centre

Phone: 527 5630