Healthy body and happy spirit – it’s all our own doing!

Duration 1 day (8 to 10 hours)


The group arrives at the Võrtsjärv Visitor Centre in the Jõesuu rest area; there is a photo exhibition in Estonia’s largest straw house. One can also view the nature display and visit the bird watch tower at the rest area to enjoy a view of Lake Võrtsjärv. In the Võrtsjärv Visitor Centre one can also engage in preparing souvenirs, also known as creative workshop, or learn to play the harp. The visitor can take the souvenir prepared at the creative workshop home with them. To keep the spirit from fading, we perk it up with some coffee/tea and snacks. To view which objects can be created at the creative workshop, please follow the link:

We continue our journey and stop next at Marjasoo Farm. For a couple of decades already, blueberries and cranberries have been cultivated at Marjasoo Farm. We shall take a look at the mystical garden world. In the beginning of June, the landlord’s rich rhododendron garden is also blossoming, offering much beauty for the eye to see. A keen gardener may even be able to convince the landlord to sell a plant for planting in their own garden at home.


Now it is time for a lunch break, and the best place for that is in the Waide Motel – the best place to stop in South-Estonia.

Pine town Elva and its surroundings have always been associated with sports. To get into a bit of a sportier mood, we head to the Tartu County Recreational Centre for a bit of archery. With your instructor’s guidance you can learn quite a few archery tricks. But in order to make it even more interesting one can also have a go at the disc golf track. We finish the exciting day at the Hellenurme Watermill where, as the group arrives, Lady Mae starts the turbines which operate the mill – of course, powered by water. Through all the four floors of the mighty mill, you can study how grains become flour, manna, and meal.

You can get answers to many questions connected with milling as well as a good overview of the milling process. Also, many Estonian proverbs can be explained by what happens inside a mill.

In the museum rooms the display reminds us of the living conditions of the olden times and the lady of the house offers us an oven-fresh bran loaf.

Price: EUR 44 per person

Included: Visit to Võrtsjärv Visitor Centre, Jõesuu watch tower, coffee break, harp workshop or creative workshop, visit to Marjasoo Farm, lunch at Waide Motel, archery and disc golf in the Tartu County Recreational Sports Centre, visit to Hellenurme Watermill.

Group size: up to 25 people

Time: according to booking.

Starting point: Võrtsjärv Visitor Centre


Information and orders:

Võrtsjärv Visitor Centre

Phone: 527 5630