The centre of pine-town Elva is a train station building, which served as the beginning of the town more than 100 years ago. In summer 2008, the Elva Hiking Centre opened doors in the old train station. There is a permanent display of the history of the town of Elva at the Hiking Centre, which also houses a tourist information point and where it is possible to rent a bicycle. This is also where the hiking track “Väike Väerada” starts. The Tartu County Museum is located in Elva. The aim of the museum is to study and store the culture and history of Old Tartu County and introduce it to the general public. In the mysterious Luke Manor Park, one can enjoy the mirrored surfaces of the ponds and a small and doll-house-like gardener’s house. The Hellenurme Watermill, built in 1880 by the Middendorfs, is still in operation and is provided a bit of spice by the cheerful lady of the house. The historical parish centre of Rõngu is towered over by a single-nave medieval church and the ruins of a vassal stronghold. The Lake Museum on the banks of Lake Võrtsjärv gives an overview of the lake’s water biota. A grand Lake Võrtsjärv gate project, which aimed to prepare many resting areas for holidaymakers, is about finished.