Lake Võrtsjärv Museum

Limnoloogia, Vehendi küla Rannu vald Tartumaa 
GPS: 58°12'42"N, 26°6'36" E 
Tel: +372 522 9570, +372 5345 4169

Lake Võrtsjärv Museum

Vehendi village, Rannu municipality, Tartu County

GPS coordinates: 58°12’42″N, 26°6’36″E

Mobile: +372 52 29 570 / +372 5345 4169

The aquatic life of Estonia’s fresh water waterways is displayed in our aquariums, which feature more than half of all fish species known in the country. We carry out study programmes for students of all ages, from kindergarten through to upper secondary school. You can go out onto the lake on our study raft, go orienteering in the surrounding area using GPS or go on a bog hike.

• Environmental education programmes and in-service training

• Lake museum

• GPS activities

• Pontoon rides

Due to renovations, the museum will be temporarily closed throughout 2012.

Distance from Elva Hiking Centre: 24 km